Kit#16 Bemmu Sepponen

First name: Bemmu
Last name: Sepponen
Country: Finland (based in Japan)
Occupation: Software Developer

Where to find Bemmu online:

Bemmu, what do you do?

I’m a software developer from Finland, currently living in Japan and running a Japanese candy subscription box.

What is your background?

I got my first 8-bit computer at age 6 and have been hooked ever since. Somewhere along the way I also got into learning Japanese, and decided to combine these interests by moving to Japan and working on my own projects from here.

Currently my main thing is Candy Japan, a service which ships subscribers surprise sweets twice per month.

Your favorite tools to help you with your work?

While Github is intended for collaborating on code, it’s also useful for backing up the history of your project. The contribution graph also serves as a nice motivational hack.

One central place where customer support tickets arrive, whether they originate from email or from Facebook messages.

We send out an email to explain the contents of each candy box that was dispatched, and this is where we do the editing & sending.

I have playlists to quickly put me in the mood for different activities, from EDM for writing code, Röyksopp for content writing, to Finnish rap for doing taxes.

For when I feel like procrastinating! Great community focused on software development and startups. I’ve made many real-life friends through here as well.

This is the opposite of Hacker News for me, as it’s a text editor that allows you to focus on writing distraction-free. Most of my behind the scenes posts were written with Typora.

Your absolute favorite tool in one sentence?

Definitely Sublime Text. It’s the one app I always have open, usually with the code for my current project being edited.