Kit#15 Ed Vinicombe

First name: Ed
Last name: Vinicombe
Country: United Kingdom
Occupation: Designer and startup founder

Where to find Ed online:

Ed, what do you do?

I’m a designer and the Co-Founder of

What is your background?

I started my career in design in 2008 after studying Digital Media at Southampton University.

After graduating, I found myself a job at a local design agency. Shortly, afterwards, I moved to London and worked for several companies including DigitasLBi and Vouchercodes.

Feeling the urge to return home I moved back to Brighton and now work for Clearleft, a leading user-centred design agency on the seafront!

Your favorite tools to help you with your work?

Sketch is the easiest tool on the market for making simple or complex user interfaces.

I use Axure when I want to build complex prototypes. The software can seem overwhelming at first but the possibilities are truly endless.

Slack is open all day on my machine. It is the primary way that I communicate with everyone in my work life. We use Slack heavily for for site notifications, server errors, Zendesk tickets… Everything!

Trello is a life saver for me. It’s free and easy to use and is the primary project management tool we use on

Your favorite tools on a personal level?

Bear is a simple markdown editor that lets you tag notes. It’s very similar to evernote but with a little less functionality. I love it’s simplicity and it helps me organise random thoughts.

Who hasn’t bought cryptocurrency!? I used coinbase to buy some a little cryptocurrency in 2017 and I love using the app. The UI is easy to use and besides the occasional server downtime, it’s very reliable.

Your absolute favorite tool in one sentence?

The only tool you need to design with. Simple as that.