Kit#22 Nicolas Tranchant

First name: Nicolas
Last name: Tranchant
Country: France (based in Mexico)
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Where to find Nicolas online:

Nicolas, what do you do?

I am the founder and manager of Vivalatina, an online custom-made jewelry workshop. I run a jewelry workshop of 3 people, and I am in charge of the website, web marketing, human resources, clients, providers and deliveries.

What is your background?

I am a mechanical engineer with 4 years of experience in aeronautical components development.

Your favorite tools to help you with your work?

This Shopify app helps me to keep track of my web traffic and orders so I can be informed quickly of any trouble on the store or be informed of any order in live.

This software is useful for SEO purpose while searching for the best keyword describing the newly made product we plan to promote on our blog.

I use the moz bar tool to check the website I want to reach and propose any kind of deal or partnership. It helps me to understand the SEO value of the site in my business area.

Google drive must be used by everyone. It helps me to share documents with my team and to keep at my disposal any kind of document I need from anywhere when I travel without my laptop.

Mad mimi helps me to manage my newsletter online. Basically, I set up my need and I can forget it then.

As I am not a native English speaker, this tool helps me to write properly in English.

This tool is an easy to use and free photo editor. I use it every day.

This platform is a great way to be in touch with other startuppers and have a feedback about the way to do things to set up or grow a business.

Your favorite tools on a personal level?

Helps me to get in touch quickly with my family and friends abroad.

I try to play chess as often as I can to relax. It helps me to forget about my work.

To speak with family and friends.

Your absolute favorite tool in one sentence?

Up to now, this is the tool that has helped me the best to grow my business.