Kit#5 Pramit Singh

First name: Pramit
Last name: Singh
Country: India
Occupation: Internet Entrepreneur

Pramit, what do you do?

I make and run educational / informational web sites and web apps.

What is your background?

I made my first website in 2000 (I am old). I have built several online businesses, an online learning website (Basicversity), an all-in-one publishing tool (Truho), an online news site (Bighow), a polling and ranking website (HonestPage), a skills and career advice website (The Success Manual), and other projects. In between, I keep working for others too.

Your favorite tools to help you with your work?

I work with a lot of content. A good text editor makes it easy to make quick first drafts before editing.

Just what can’t Google sheets do? Track tasks, make lists, collaborate on stuff… I could go on and on.

Like Google sheets, Libreoffice is giving good competition to MS Office hegemony. Libre Writer comes with an inbuilt pdf converter, for easy documents to be sent online. I haven’t used MS products since 2005.

Your favorite tools on a personal level?

I read a lot during transit to work and Fast Note helps me make notes from whatever I am reading.

A great app to read multiple kinds of files on your smartphone. As you can see from my answers, I am big on content.

Gimp is now quickly becoming a solid (and free) Photoshop alternative for graphics-related jobs.

Your absolute favorite tool in one sentence?

If you like editing and writing a lot, you will love Editplus.