Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.
Even though is a one man business, Slack has proved to be a great notification center. Using all the amazing integration that Slack offers, alongside a custom integration which...
Kit#23 Philip Manavopoulos
Just like everyone else, it seems, we use Slack for team communication. It makes that easy.
Kit#12 Dave Child
I think Slack has become the epitome of team collaborations via chat. There maybe be other alternatives, but I’ve been using Slack for the past 4-5 years.
Kit#21 Ervin Kalemi
Slack is pretty much our virtual HQ. We use it internally for communication. Mostly using the chat feature, however we also use the call and screen sharing functionality. It’s great...
Kit#19 Matthias Naus
While working as a contractor I’ve always used Slack to keep in touch with my teammates. It’s the perfect tool to communicate, share and collaborate.
Kit#18 Tobia Loschiavo
Slack is open all day on my machine. It is the primary way that I communicate with everyone in my work life. We use Slack heavily for for site...
Kit#15 Ed Vinicombe
Slack is our company chat tool of choice. Some companies hate chat and fear the distraction of valuable work time, but we haven’t encountered any issues. However, we usually keep...
Kit#13 Tim Osterbuhr
I use the Slack desktop app on a daily basis to manage all the work with my clients. It’s probably the best solution to coordinate remote teams. I particularly love...
Kit#2 Federico Andrioli
I use slack to manage all communication. I like that you can integrate so many different services which helps you automate parts of your work.
Kit#1 Jesper Sandberg